Why Bloglovin is Important

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Why Bloglovin is Important – Marketing Monday –  by simply adding a Bloglovin widget to your page, blog readers can quickly & easily follow your blog with just one click. 

If you are an established blogger, this post will not be for you as most of the information is simple, but skip down to the bottom to read Bloglovin Tips& Tricks. This is a post for new bloggers or blog readers who do not currently utilize Bloglovin. I’m positive you will be a Bloglovin user by the end of this post.

why bloglovin is important

Bloglovin for Readers
Bloglovin makes it incredibly easy to stay connected to your favorite blogs. They have a desktop site, mobile site, and an app. When you are logged in, the default page is your feed with all the recent posts from the blogs you follow. 

The process is simple – once you read a post, it is removed from your feed. 

Another great feature of Bloglovin, it shows you posts that people you follow have liked. This is a great way to discover new blogs!

Bloglovin for Bloggers
Bloglovin is important for bloggers because it gives readers a chance to discover new posts without needing to constantly visit your site. With just one click, a new reader can be converted into a lifetime reader. 

Get ready to see your traffic increase!

Bloglovin Analytics
When you connect your Bloglovin profile to your account, when you click on your account, there is a link to Blog Analytics. This is where you can see how many followers you have gained or lost over time. There is also the option to connect your Facebook & Twitter accounts to keep track there as well.

How to Gain New Bloglovin Followers
Every blogger should have a Bloglovin link on every page of their blog. Most often, a Bloglovin link is placed in the left hand or right hand column near the bloggers social icons. The bloglovin icon is sometimes a form of a heart, just the word ‘Bloglovin” or a Bloglovin icon.

Bloglovin Tips & Tricks
When building your About Me page or Start Here Page, a Bloglovin link can be included here. Including a Bloglovin link in your about me page ensures that the Bloglovin button is easily located.

Another great place to have a Bloglovin button is at the bottom of every post. This is important to include for new followers- making it easy for them to quickly follow you.

How I Find New (To Me) Blogs
Bloglovin makes it easy to discover new blogs. In the upper right corner there is a search bar. Simply type in a topic that interests you and it pulls up a selection of blogs, blog posts, and top items. This is my favorite format to find new bloggers who have similar interests to me. When heading out to a new destination, I ALWAYS search for blog travel recaps from that location. 

How do you find new blogs?