why I am Excited about Fuller House

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The Netflix original series, Fuller House, is only a few days away was launching all the episodes! I was an avid fan of the show growing up (my parents say that I refused to move from the TV for anything if Full House was on. Apparently, I was quite the brat growing up. Now that the cast is back for a reunion of sorts, I am over the moon excited for the premier.

why i am excited about fuller house

Why I am looking forward to Fuller House:

The Original Cast is Back

With the exception of the Olsen twins, the entire cast is appearing for at least an episode or two. I cannot wait to see Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky together again. I am upset that we won’t get to see Uncle Jesse and Michelle together as the two of them were just perfect together. This morning I watched a video that John Stamos posted of himself and both Olsen twins, and my heart melted. It showed the true connection that was formed when filming. The way he looked at the girls was like he was looking at his own nieces.

Just being able to get a glimpse of life twenty years later would have me watching but my excitement goes far beyond just that.

The Plot & Storylines

The plot of Fuller House is based on exactly on the original. DJ has recently become a widow from her husband while raising her three sons. Her sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy decide to move in to help her out. I’m excited to see where they go from here!

The Fuller House Social Media Launch was on Point

Without all the social media surronding this Netflix launch, I know I would not have been this excited. However, since Fuller House was all over my Facebook, Instagram, and Buzzfeed homepages, it has captured my attention. I have watched previews, sneak peeks, PR pieces, and much more. Any bit of information, I have been gobbling up. I just can’t resist getting my Fuller House fix in.

Stay tuned for my thoughts after binge-watching all the episodes in one weekend.

Where you a fan of Full House growing up? Are you going to be watching Fuller House?

  • http://northwestnativeblog.blogspot.com Mattie @ Northwest Native

    I am SO excited to watch this! I used to watch Full House reruns all the time (and I’m sure some original-run episodes too!). I could still watch reruns now if I knew when they were on! I’m going to have alll the nostalgic feels!

    • klbianco26

      I would love to watch all the old Full House episodes. I wish they would come to Netflix, it would easily become my go-to Netflix show.

  • http://www.SimplyJandK.com Kenzie

    So glad to hear someone is just ask excited as I am about this, can’t wait!

    • klbianco26

      I am now excited for season two!

      I thought about spreading my Fuller House watching over a few weeks but they were just too easy not to watch them all back to back.