This is My First Blog Post

This is My First Blog Post

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Where do you start with your first blog post?

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now (and by a while I mean at least two years). I just never had the courage to actually do it because of fear. Was my life “cool” enough to write a blog? What if people thought my life was boring? What if someone I know found my blog? What I finally realized was that none of that matters.

In terms of labels, this blog is going to be a cross between a lifestyle blog and a food blog. You can expect a bit of randomness with a lot of images of my adorable puppy. As the years go on, I’ve turned into quite the foodie. I am constantly on Yelp finding new places to try out. There will be restaurant and book reviews, NYC travel guides, random life updates, and much more.

There’s nothing like jumping right in!