the 5 Best April Fools Emails – Marketing Monday

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the 5 Best April Fools Emails – Marketing Monday –  Today marks the first post in my Marketing Monday series. You can except one marketing/design post per week every Monday AM. 

It’s that time again: April Fools’ Day, when brands get creative to try to stump their customers. April Fools’ Day is a great opportunity for brands to get creative and show off their sense of humor. In a land of bland promotional emails, showing a bit of personality can help a brand stick out. Its important for you to know your audience and plan accordingly – not all demographics are prime for a hilarious, raunchy campaign. The goal of an April Fools’ email is to provide both delight and value to your customers without being offensive. 

Here are a few tips to craft an April Fool’s email your subscribers will enjoy – and boost your brand’s engagement, gain some social media traction, and potentially increase sales.

There are a couple different approaches that brands take:

1. Prank Email quickly Followed up by Real Email
One strategy is to send out a prank email and then quickly follow that email up with an email explaining the joke and providing a great offer. 
2. Prank Email with Joke Explained on Landing Page
Another strategy is to 100% stick to the prank in the email. The prank isn’t revealed until the user clicked through to the landing page. 
3. Sale Oriented
One last strategy is to utilize the day to offer a sale. This would be considered a safe approach. 

Brands that nailed April Fools Day:

thredup april fools email

  1. ThredUp – Offered a mismatched sock donation service. 
    opentable april fools email
  2. OpenTable – Informed users that they are now offering a new service- lick-able photos so you can see what an item would taste like before ordering.
    hulu april fools day email
  3. Hulu – Launched a new dating app where user can find each other based on what they watch on Hulu. 
    google april fools day
  4. Google – Google is now delivering orders via parachutes. 
    groupon april fools day
  5. Groupon – New service letting you pay someone to read to your cat. 

What are some of your favorite all-time April Fools’ Day Pranks?