Starting my First CSATT Fitness Challenge

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CSATT 30 Day Fitness Challenge Review

Tomorrow starts day one of my first ever fitness challenge. I’m participating in a 30 day challenge curtesy of CSat fitness, the CSATT Fitness Challenge.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of the bachelor and bachelorette franchise. It is my guilty pleasure. One of the contestants from the bachelorette and bachelor in paradise has developed this 30-Day Challenge which is how I found out about it. I started following Cody on Instagram after his stint on Bachelor in Paradise to see his relationship with Michelle money unfold. Unfortunately their relationship didn’t flourish but I gained awareness of his fitness empire.

I remember first seeing the challenges popup but it wasn’t until he started posting the success stories with before and after images that I became interested. I thought about joining one of the challenges when Michele money announced she was partaking in the challenge but backed out thinking I couldn’t commit thirty days to healthy eating and exercising.

With the new year on the horizon, I was using my first day back in the office after holiday travels to start my healthy eating. I had been following several healthy gurus on Instagram in various stages of their weight loss journey and planned to piece together a plan with bits and pieces from all their accounts. But that has never worked for me before why would it work now?

I’ve used every excuse in the book to divert from a healthy lifestyle. I even convinced myself that I couldn’t workout because I had my period. Come on, that is just an excuse!

On a whim I started looking into Cody’s challenge and started looking for blogs of people who’ve completed the challenge. Was it worth it? Any tips and suggestions? But I couldn’t find anything.

So here it was a Saturday night and I am planning my healthy lifestyle changes. I mapped out a list of healthy dinner, snack, and breakfast ideas but I stalled as I had no motivation.

It was then that I went to Cody’s website and joined instantly. Thankfully you can pay via PayPal so I had no time to chicken out. I spent the next few hours reading through posts on the Facebook group and following the challenge hashtag on Instagram.

And here it is the day before and I am ready to start.

Let’s see how tomorrow goes!