Spool No. 72 – Online Boutique

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I can’t remember when I started following Spool 72’s Instagram account or how I found their Instagram page, but they always seem to have the cutest boho-chic clothing. I was tempted to order in the past but never pulled the trigger, that is until last night.

The boyfriend and I were enjoying a relaxing evening on the couch watching a movie. And by watching a movie, I really mean that he was playing a game on his phone and I was doing a bit of online shopping. We leave for a cruise to the Bahamas in March and I’ve been on the hunt for a few vacation outfit pieces.


I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, when a white and blue casual dress caught my eye. The Sun Palace Dress is (seems to be) the perfect combination of vintage, casual, yet slightly romantic. While the layed flat shot is beautiful, i wish they had a shot of it on a model. Regardles, I quickly added it to my cart.

If I am going to place an order, I just have to look at everything else. Am I the only one who does that??


My next find was this gorgeous hot pink dress. It was at this moment that I knew I’d be placing an order ASAP. Everything about this dress tells me it will not be flattering on me, due to my body shape, but I just had to have it. The Jackson Rose Dress is my unicorn, if it doesn’t work, I will be devastated.

spool no. 72 review

Since I knew that I would be placing an order, there was a grey off the shoulder top that caught my attention on their Instagram not too long ago. I was off on a mission to find it. The Bailey Tunic Tee in Gray just seems so comfy yet put together at the same time. I envision myself wearing this on one of our days at sea.


My last find was this soft white lace dress. The Le Neige Dress is going to be a staple for sure (I hope!).

Has anyone ordered from Spool No. 72 before? A quick google search proved to provide tons of less than satisfactory results but I just had to have that pink dress. I’m hoping the quality is up to par with the prices.