How Local Businesses can Cash in on Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go – How Local Businesses can Cash in on Pokemon Go – Pokemon Go has exploded recently with kids and adults of all ages spending time walking around catching Pokemon, visiting Poke-Stops, and stopping by Pokemon gyms. The ideas below are a few ways small, local businesses can try to capitalize on the Pokemon trend.

Anytime a new fad hits the market, marketers scramble to try to capitalize on the trend – and that is certainly the case with Pokemon Go.


Pokemon Go Basics:
Poke-stops are designated areas where players can stock up on resources for the game, including pokeballs and potions. A user has to physically be at the Poke-Stop in order to get the benefits.

Lures are modules that help attract rare or difficult to catch Pokemon to the poke-stop. It’s a sure bet that if there’s a lure out, crowds of Pokemon players will follow.

Purchasing a pack of eight Lure Modules currently costs 680 Pokécoins. One Lure Module costs 100 Pokécoins. Pokécoins cost $.99 for 100, and 14,500 Pokécoins for $99.99. A Lure Module attracts Pokémon to a Poke-Stop (a local business location, for example) for 30 minutes.

How to attract customers to your location using Pokémon Go:

The big draw on lures is that they’re a cheap way to get people in the door. For a local business to set out a lure, it is an extremely low investment that has potential for an incredible return.

A restaurant and bar could capitalize on setting out a lure by posting a lure for happy hour that includes food and drink specials. Take it a step further and have special drinks with names tied to the game. You could have a Charmander that is Fireball whiskey and cider. To attract nearby pokemon goers who are not currently customers, it is important to put a sign out front advertising this special. A catchy sign is sure to be captured and shared via Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook further spreading the news. Announcing this special on the businesses social accounts is also a good way to target current customers to entice them to come back.

Businesses like food trucks can easily locate near Poke-Stops and Gyms. If you are able to sell your goods near a Poke-Stop or Gym, you may see a lot more foot traffic to your business. Combine this with a lure, and you have a perfect combination.

To capitalize on a nearby gym, a local business owner could advertise that they are offering a gift card to whoever is the leader of the gym by the end of a specified time period.  To advertise this special, a sign out front as well as posts to the businesses social accounts would be enough advertisement at a $0 cost to the business.

For a local coffee shop that is also a Poke-Stop, they could advertise Free Wi-Fi so that Pokemon users do not have to use data while visiting their Poke-Stop.


In cities that have pedal tours, where users power the 10 seater bikes by pedaling while touring different neighborhoods, they could advertise a Pokemon tour where they travel around to different areas to catch Pokemon instead of traveling to different bars.

Marketing to Pokemon Go customers is a relatively easy, low-cost way to market to new and existing customers.

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While not a local business, Yelp has released an update that allows users to filter results by PokeStop nearby- this is a great way to cater to your customers. This release will definitely gather some great free press for Yelp.

Have you seen any great local businesses cashing in on Pokemon Go?

Do you think Pokemon Go’s popularity will stay around for a while or whither away in a few weeks? I think the appeal is going to fizzle out in the next few weeks for the majority of their daily active users. For a smaller percentage of mostly gamers who grew up with Pokemon, they will continue for less than a year before fizzling away for good.