New Costco Find: Organic Edamame Spaghetti

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I’m going to start with a little backstory…

News began circulating that a Costo was finally opening in Rochester, NY. Being a Costco virgin, I was not too excited, however, the boyfriend was. I did not understand his insistance that we had to go when it first opened.

My thoughts were:
There are only two of us, do we really need to buy in bulk?
Costco is on the other side of town, are we really going to drive 15/20 minutes just to get there?
Why do you love Costco so much?

And of to Costco we went.

We signed up for the lowest plan available and set off into the store.

We breezed past the jewelry department and found ourselves surrounded by luggage. Did I think i needed a new luggage set? No, but what did I buy? A new luggage set. To be fair, I had been borrowing the boyfriends carryon-sized luggage for the past two years but I already had a large suitcase collecting dust in the basement. It was just too big to use on most trips. So I became the proud new owner of a great piece luggage set.

That is how my love-affair with Costco started.

Fast forward, 8 months and I have found a NEW Costco favorite.

costco find organic edamame spaghetti

Introducing Costco Organic Edaname Spaghetti. I will admit, I was sceptical at first. How would this possibly compare to true spaghetti? It not only tastes great, but I prefer it to most boxed spaghetti. The picture on the box makes it look like the spaghetti would be green, which it is not. It is yellow in color. The texture is just like spaghetti but the taste is fantastic. If you see this, you must get it!

costco find organic chicken meatballs

We pair it with a jar of tomato sauce that we doctor up with garlic and some spices, a package of organic chicken meatballs which shocker- is also from Costco, and presto quick yet delicious meal. The organic chicken meatballs are surprising juicy when warmed up slowly in tomato sauce. They come pre-cooked in packages of two. Once package feed two adults for dinner plus two lunches. These are by far the best tasting pre-made chicken meatballs. I will go as far as saying, I love them. I never thought I would love pre-cooked meatballs.

What are some of you favorite items to buy at Costco?