How Much Does my Face Cost?

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When it comes to a beauty and skincare routine I am on the makeup & skincare minimalist side. I do not enjoy spending a half hour in front of the mirror perfecting my “face”. I also like the natural look of just mascara and lipstick so I tend to stick to that look most of the time or even makeup-less….gasp! Oh the horror of going without makeup – not!

I am going to break it down by everyday uses and special occasions and then total up the cost for each based on the average lifespan of the products.

On most days, you will find me with just a coat of mascara, a smear of lipstick, and perhaps some eyeliner. My entire beauty process takes me less than five minutes and is usually done in the car on the way to work (at stop lights of course!)

On special occasions such as weddings or get-togethers, I will add in some foundation, eye shadow, blush, and concealer.

This is my go-to everyday natural look:how much does my face cost?

Everyday Makeup:
Mascara – RevitaLash Mascara in Black – $24.99
Eyeliner – Revlon Color Stay in Black – $8.99
Lipstick – MAC Matte Lipstick in Velvet Teddy – $17.00
BB Cream – NYX BB Cream – $12.99
Lipbalm – EOS Lipbalm – $5.99

TOTAL: $69.96 
On average the above products last me two to three months so the cost per day is: $0.77. 

Special Occasion Makeup:
Mascara – RevitaLash Mascara in Black – $24.99
Eyeliner – Revlon Color Stay in Black – $8.99
Eyeshadow Primer – MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot – $22.00
Eyeshadow – MAC Eyeshadow in Naked Lunch Frost – $16.00
Lipstick – MAC Matte Lipstick in Dirty Rose – $17.00
Coverup – MAC Select Cover-Up in NC20 – $19.00
Foundation Primer – MAC Timecheck Lotion – $44.00
Foundation – MAC Studio Foundation – $27.00
Blush & Bronzer – Drugstore buys around $5 each, not loyal to any brand

TOTAL: $188.98
On average the above products last me nine to twelve months so the cost per month for 10 months is: $18.89

Face Makeup that I rotate:
Phytomer CC Cream – $51.00
eltaMD UV Daily Tinted Moisturizer (great for everyday use when you want to feel like you are not wearing makeup) – $26.00
La Bella Donna Mineral Powder – $65
NYX BB Cream – $12.99
MAC Foundation (reserved for special occasions and date nights) – $27.00

Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum – $65

Face Cleansing:
Foreo Luna Pro – $229

This is my go-to special occasion look:

I have been using Revlon’s Color Stay Eyeliner since college. It glides on easily and lasts for about 10 hours. If I’m going out after work, I usually apply another coat just to make sure the coverage is still there. I’ve tried other eyeliners in the past but I always gravitate back to this one. This is a true go-to for me.

The MAC products are all new to me. About a month ago, I stopped into a MAC store and had the salesperson suggest products based on my skin tone and my prefernces. I am 100% a fan of the matte lipsticks and will continue to but those. I will not be buying the foundation, moisturizer, or coverup again as I don’t think they warrant the price. I think a drugstore brand can do just as good a job if not better. Plus, I dislike the feeling that your makeup is caked on and the foundation does feel that way at time. 

The NYX BB Cream is a recent find, I’m still on my first tube, but I’m absolutely loving it. It is easy to apply, it blends in nicely. I think I’ll be picking another tube up since my summer tan has started and my current tube is too light. I highly recommend the NYX BB Cream as an inexpensive BB Cream that works just as good as the expensive varieties. 

My FOREO Luna Pro deserves its own post (coming soon!) but it has greatly helped my skincare routine. Don’t hesitate, try it out!

The RevitaLash Mascara is a great everyday mascara. It lengthens while providing a little bit of volume to brighten your eyes. I am on the search for a new night mascara that provides that WOW your eyelashes look great! Any recommendations are highly appreciated!

The Phytomer CC Cream is great for a light coverage. It goes on smoothly with a light tint to it to help coverup some lighter spots. It has SPF 20 which is great for SPF benefits.  It has a fresh smell without that overpowering foundation smell. I get compliments every time I use it.

Prior to writing this all out, I would have said I do not have that many makeup & beauty products…oops! 

What are some of your go-to, favorite makeup & beauty products?