gmail – How to Delete your Biggest Emails

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gmail How to Delete your Biggest Email – Marketing Monday –  This is the second installment in my gmail tricks series – discover how to clean up your inbox to make space for new emails. 

Are you approaching your 15GB gmail limit? Are you getting alerts that you are almost out of storage? This trick will help you locate large emails that are taking up a ton of space in your account.

Since Google does not allow users to sort emails by size (presumably so users will want to purchase extra storage), you will have to use a “gmail trick” to accomplish this easily. 

How to Find Large Messages:
To find large messages, navigate to the search bar at the top of your inbox. Locate the small arrow to open up more search options. Go to the size option to narrow down your search results to email larger than 15MB. You can also type and search for “larger:15M” directly into the search bar. This will filter your results to show all emails bigger than the size specified. You do not need to include the quotes when searching. After you filter out the small emails, you can spend some time deleting large emails that you do not need to save.

What is considered a big email:
It depends on the context of the email. When sending images, the larger attachment size is warranted. Gmail allows you to send emails up to 25MB in size. When sending large attachments, you can insert a link from Google Drive instead.

How to Find (Older) Large Messages:
Another tip is to add a date restriction to the size restriction so that you can only see older messages. For example, if you want to limit the search to older messages, you can search for:  large than 15M but the date is within the given date range. 

What is Google Storage:
Google Storage gives each user a free 15 GB of storage across gmail, google drive, and google photos. Any files that you create with Docs, Sheets, or Slides will NOT use up any of your storage. Gmail attachments that you send out as well as attachments that you receive WILL use your storage. High quality photos that you upload to Google Photos will consume your storage.

How to find out how much space you have remaining:
Utilize the Google Drive Storage tool to find out your total storage usage, here.

How do you utilize gmail?