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You started a blog, now what do you do? This is the first in a series following along with me starting a blog. I’ll be blogging about these topics as I do them myself.


I use the website,, to stay up-to-date with the 100’s of blogs that I follow. In Bloglovin’, I am able to follow a myriad of blogs covering from lifestyle blogs to marketing and everything in between. In a simple interface, on both desktop & mobile, your dashboard shows all the posts from the blogs you follow by date posted.

Steps to Take to Get your Site on Bloglovin’ (for WordPress):

wordpress RSS how to


(the first three steps are in WordPress)
1. Add the Widget (WP RSS Aggregator)
2. Activate the WP RSS Aggregator Widget
3. Configure the settings as you see fit. If you are unsure, use the standard settings.

(these steps are on Bloglovin’)
1. Go to and sign up for an account. Then check your email for the confirmation email and confirm.

2. Search for your blog, using the blog’s address, in the search bar on the top right corner of the screen.
3. If Bloglovin could not find it, add the blog to Bloglovin’ using the link provided.

4. Once you confirmed that your blog is on Bloglovin’ or just added, click on the person icon in the header and navigate to Blog Analytics.

5. Click on Claim Blog and type the URL of your blog into the text box. Then select your blog from the list.
6. In order to claim your blog, Bloglovin’ requires that you prove it is yours. Bloglovin’ does this by having you insert HTML text to one of your blog posts.

(these steps are on WordPress)
1. Select and copy the Bloglovin’ text. Then open another tab, go to your blog, and add the text to a blog post, and republish it.
2. Once Bloglovin’s text has been published in your blog post, go back to the Bloglovin site and click on “Claim blog”.
3. If you get to the Analytics Page, you have successfully claimed your blog on Bloglovin!


Stay tuned to the next post in this series on how to get a bloglovin widget for your blog!

Do you have any tips for a new blogger? I’d love to hear them!

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