JoJo’s Bachelorette Season – My Predictions

JoJo’s Bachelorette Seasonthis is a spoiler-free zone. My predictions are based on my thoughts and my thoughts alone.

I’ve been watching all the shows in The Bachelor franchise ever since high school. I get pulled into every season to laugh, cringe, and cry throughout each season. There’s nothing better than a night of The Bachelor with a glass of wine or a cherry coke and some delicious food. 

ABC recently released contestant head shots and bios for JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette and it has me excited for the new season!

Looking through all the head shots, a vast majority of them are sporting some time of facial hair from full on beards to mustaches and everything in between. I’m thinking JoJo might be partial to men with facial hair that or the ABC producers do. 

According to an article on the Stir:
“So what are JoJo’s other requirements? She’s into men who are tall and dark-haired (duh, Ben Higgins) and is looking for someone who is “wealthy and on her level,” so obviously, she doesn’t want to be with anyone who will drag her down.” Original article here.



Chad – He responded to several questions with: Myself in 10 years, alright, alright, alright. Someone seems a bit cocky – I think he’ll stick around for quite a few episodes purely based on entertainment. 
Q: What is your greatest achievement to date? Being born good looking. (umm, really???)


Chase – His bio has me wondering what his backstory is. I think he is going to stick around for a while.
Q: If you could be someone else for just one day, who would it be and why? My dad, to get a better understanding of the decisions he made.

derek bachelorette

Derek – He seems like a genuine guy who values family.
Q: Do you have a serious fear of any kind of animal? Fluffy kittens.


Grant – Hot firefighter, need I say more?
What’s your worst date memory? Getting lunch with a girl and listening to her talk about Harry Potter for 20 minutes.


Jake – He’s a landscape architect- beauty and brains. 
I hate it when my date…: Chews with her mouth open.

james s

James S. – Old fashioned values – he’ll stick around for a few episodes before the passion just isn’t there. Plus, he reminds me of Woody from Toy Story, can’t go wrong with Toy Story.
I love it when my date…:
Doesn’t attempt to pay for the bill. Two things women shouldn’t touch on a date: the door and the bill.


Jordan – I’m thinking he’ll make it to hometown dates, maybe further.
Do you have any phobias that would prohibit your participation in certain activities? I have a fear of heights, but I’ve been skydiving and I love challenging my fears. Bring it on!

nick b bachelorette

Nick B. – He might be a little boring, but I’m thinking he’ll make to to hometown dates.
What is your favorite magazine? Ducks Unlimited.


Robby –  I’m going to say top 3, the swimmer in me has to vote for the competitive swimmer.
Are you comfortable wearing swimwear in public? Yes, I have spent more of my life in a Speedo than in everyday clothes! #swimmerproblems

Based solely on their head shots and bios, these are my predictions. 
Winner: Derek
Runner Up: Nick B
Top Three: Jordan, Nick B, Derek
Top Four: 
Jordan, Nick B, Jake, and Derek
Top Five:
Robby, Jordan, Jake, Nick B, and Derek
Top Six:
Robby, Jordan, Jake, Nick B, Derek, and Grant

Going Home the First Night:

Alex – I’m basing this one purely on his height – i’m thinking 5’7 is too short for JoJo’s 5’4 frame.


Evan – The erectile dysfunction specialist will be going home the first night. His deal breaker is a girl with chipped nail polish – you’re outta here.


Daniel – This might just be my own fear but as a male model, is he just on the show for publicity?

james f

James F. – Business owner – life is rooted somewhere and wouldn’t match with JoJo.


Jonathon – He eats like a 12 year old – who wants to cook for him?


Vinny – I don’t think JoJo will go for him – he seems a little too Jersey Shore to me.
Meatloaf said he would “do anything for love, but he won’t do that.” What will you not do? Use turkey meat. (Use turkey meat, as in what way?).


Wells – He’s going home night one.

Stay tuned as I’ll be blogging all things Bachelorette during JoJo’s season. Who do you think is going to win? Remember, no spoilers please!

  • Emma @ Ever Emma

    I think Chad thought he was channeling his inner Matthew McConaughey. #Fail! I totally get Derek’s fear of Fluffy Kittens. I am terrified of Rabbits, which are also fluffy. hahaha James S totally does remind me of Woody! OMG! I cannot unsee that! I think Jordan is going to go all of the way, but I may change my mind when I actually see them interact.

    • Kim Bianco

      I haven’t seen yesterdays episode yet but based on the preview alone, she has chemistry with a few of the guys!

      My choice for the winner based on the bios, Derek, seems like he is going to be too shy for JoJo – but we’ll see!